Souvenir is a type of brochure which includes the profiles of thee students that currently passed out in current year.
Application is made to create the online Souvenir. First student needs to register and login then fill the the personal and comments. Then data is verified the authorises staff and online .odt A software to prepare Souvenir, which will help to produce a print ready copy as well as web-based Souvenir. and .pdf file create. The interesting fact is that *.pdf files has been generated using LaTeX.

Souvenir 2011 is a fruit, the seeds of which were sown about 3 months ago with just one aim in mind, automating the making of souvenir for future editions using only FOSS. The team, headed by Dr. H.S Rai, Dean (Testing and Consultancy), was full of zeal and enthusiasm to achieve this objective. The members of team included Bhavneet Singh, Ikramjit Singh Bhatia, Manvir Kaur, Gurpreet Kaur Karwal, Jagdeep Singh, Vikas Mahajan, Harbhag Singh, Praveen Arora, Davinder Kumar and Vikas Marwaha. The team and their leader burnt the midnight oil for several weeks before overcoming all difficulties and successfully getting the Souvenir in order.

There were a lot of problems initially but things improved as all members put in a lot of dedicated effort. The Souvenir is ‘special’ because the technology used in its making is purely Open Source.
The software used are as follows:

Shell Scripting
PHP / Python

The following lists some of the problems faced by the team which need to be corrected in future editions of the Souvenir:

A major problem was the wrong data-entry that could have been ignored if various constraints were applied during the data entry process. These could include specifying maximum number of characters for the comment box, changing the case of the comments to sentence case, drop-down menu for specifying title for parent's name, guidelines for entering the address etc.

The photographs uploaded were not of the correct size and were stored in a different folder rather then the one from which photos were being picked up by the software for use in the Souvenir due to which there was redundancy.

The naming of photographs was not planned and there was no specific format for naming them, so it had to be done separately and this not only consumed extra time but also extra space as they had to be stored separately to avoid overwriting the original files in case of any human error.

Due to all images being of varying sizes and proportions, they had to be manually cropped. This can be corrected in the future by adding an ‘upload and crop’ feature in the data-entry mechanism. It is better to have everyone crop their own pictures and store, rather than 4 or 5 people cropping over 400 pictures manually.

First of all, the college has data of all the students in its database, like photos, phone numbers, email id, address and name of father and mother.According to me we have to use that data.If anybody has changed his/her location, then their should be user input acceptance form, provided with user manual, so that there should be no need to correct the data what so ever taken from student.The main problem was size of photos, comment length.