Training @Tata Consultancy Services[ILP]

ILP(Initial Learning Program) Experience

This was the first time when i was called for training in one of the largest IT company of India TCS, in beautiful city named as Ahmedabad.
We were tagged with a stream named as BIPM(Business Intelligence & Performance Management).
We were groomed in two different ways, one was technically and other was personally.

Mapping Parties

Here is our news regarding openstreetmap.
These are the free editable maps means everyone can edit it, modify it and can upload it on internet. Moreover if you want to use it as commercial usage or some business it requires no charges due to its GPL licensing. But in case of other maps you have to pay for commercial or business usage.
Here is our photo in TIMES OF INDIA.

How to Run a LUG(Linux User Group)

If there was one thing Linux Format magazine learned from the Readers' Round Table event it organised, it was that us Linux folk like to get out and have a good chat.
Over the several hours we were all together, we covered dozens of subjects, and the conversation was lively and opinionated. And that was with only nine of us.
Imagine what such a meeting could be like if there were more attendees, more of a schedule and a little better organisation?

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