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Install Symfony on Ubuntu

As you all know drupal 8 is using Symfony Components. That is the main reason of switching to symfony.
While i was reading this book Symfony.
Here is the first article how to install Symfony on Ubuntu machine.
Note: Don't copy the Dollar($) ofcourse.

1. Open your command console and execute the following commands:

$ sudo curl -LsS http://symfony.com/installer -o /usr/local/bin/symfony
$ sudo chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/symfony

2. Creating the Symfony Application

Working on Drupal.org(creating and reviewing patchs)

From last two months i was contributing to drupal.org.
On D.O. i have created several patches for drupal core code as well as documentation.
Here is the link of my profile on Drupal.org.
Davinder on Drupal.org
Here is the list of patched that i helped drupal.org to close the different drupal core issues.
Patches Contributed to Drupal 8 Core
List of reviews of different patches by me on drupal.org.

How to create patch in Drupal through Git

From last 2 months, i am solving issues on D.O(drupal.org). Some of them were just documentation work with screenshots.
Finally i got an issue of patching, then i came to learnt about patching in drupal.
Let us discuss how patching done in drupal module:
1. Go to site/all/modules directory if you are patching a module.
2. Download the specific version of module or we can say that branch of module(i.e. 7.x-3.11 or may be 7.x-3.x).

Upgrade drupal 6 to drupal 7 with drush

Please note if you are upgrading minor version of drupal-7.21 to drupal-7.22. Then please use

drush pm-update


1. If you are upgrading from drupal 6 to drupal 7, you must be on the latest version of drupal 6 release. 2. There is a difference between update and upgrade. 3. You should have a separate directory(target) which will be the act as active drupal root directory.

Main work starts here

Site-upgrade always upgrades from the current Drupal site to an empty Drupal site. You need a site alias to show the target website.


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