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Check Form type in Drupal

Sometime you have to add condition on the basis on form type, either it is node type form or taxonomy type form.

But question is how you get the type of the form.

In Your form alter you can find form type. Here is the sample code from my module file.

if($form['#entity_type'] == 'node' || $form['#entity_type'] == 'taxonomy_term') { //when type of form is node or taxonomy
$form['actions']['submit']['#access'] = FALSE; // remove submit button from form.

Attach css and js on specific templates in drupal 8

Want to load some specific js and css on particular twig template of drupal 8 ?

Don't worry, you are on the right page.

How to do it :

1. Go to your theme_name.libraries.yml file create a new library in this file for example post the following code:

  version: VERSION
     https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?sensor=false: { type: external, minified: true }
     /libraries/jquery.auto-complete.min.js: {}

2. Now got to your template(twig template) and paste following code at starting of file:


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