SU AND ROOT ( the difference )

SU AND ROOT ( the difference )

There have been questions , what is the difference between “su” and “root” . . well, the difference is minimal but still very important.

As you login as “root” right from booting the system, all the privileges are set to root, what makes your system more vulnerable to your own mistakes and those wishing to enter your system.

20 reasons you should switch to linux

There are hundreds of compelling reasons why Linux is better than all the rival operating systems. Here are just 20.

1. Linux is free

No matter how many computers you install it on, the cost of Linux remains the same: zero.
In these days of multi-computer households, this can be a massive saving, especially when you consider the cost of all the programs you have to add to a standard Windows installation.

2. Software repositories

Having all the software you need in one place saves you having to trawl the web to find the program you're missing.


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