An OSS(Open Source Softwares) Awareness Camp was organised by me and my team named
LUGL(Linux User Group Ludhiana) at Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College on Feb.12,2011 where the students were made aware about the various Open Source Technologies.

The event began at 10:00 a.m in the morning at Consultancy Hall of the College. The Honourable Chief Guests on this special occasion were Dr.H.S.Rai ,Kinshuk Sunil and Mr. Sachin Khosla a
Professional Blogger associated with digimantra.

The students present at the camp were very enthusiastic and showed
keen interest in learning about Open Source Technologies.The students
from all streams of engineering turned in good no. at the camp.

The event began with an introductory speech about Open Source
Technologies by Daljeet Singh Pathania,a final year I.T student of the

Then Dr.H.S Rai,The Honourable Dean Of The College addressed the
students present there and added to his talk with the students that
the current I.T Revolution in India has created a lot of employment
opportunities for the engineers.

Then the stage was handed over to Mr.Kinshuk Sunil who had a very
interactive session with the students. His talks were primarily
focussed on How the Free and Open Source Softwares(FOSS) were actually
free to the people and what should be the attitude of people in
dealing with Free and Open Source Softwares. He also discussed in
detail about the various aspects of FREEDOM of the Open Source

Gurmehar Singh,a Pre FinalYear Civil Engineering student followed Mr.
Kinshuk. He gave a presentation on Blogging tools such as WORDPRESS
and also gave a live demo on it.

And a lunch break was announced after Gurmehar's talk on Wordpress.

After the lunch break Mr. Sachin Khosla gave a presentation on HTML5
explaining all the new features and add-ons in it while comparing it
with HTML4.He also gave live demo by creating a web page in HTML5.

Next in the schedule Harbhag Singh Sohal,a final year I.T student gave
a presentation on SUNEHA,The Official G.N.D.E.C SMS Gateway developed
by him during his six months training in the college. He explained in
detail about the principle and working of the SMS Gateway and all the
methodologies employed by him in its development. All the students and
Chief Guests present there were impressed a lot with his work.

Aman Dang,a Pre Final Year student of ECE of the college continued
the talks on Open Source Technologies and gave presentation on
RONJA,an Open Source Hardware Technology which helps in providing
reliable optical data-links.

Dr. H.S. Rai further enhanced the talks on OSS and gave live demo on
Q-CAD and Free-CAD,The Open Source Design Softwares and concluded his
talks with a very motivating speech to the students.

Then Tokens of Appreciation were handed over to all the Chief
Guests-Dr.H.S.Rai,Mr.Kinshuk Sunil and Mr.Sachin Khosla by the

The event came to an end with the thanks giving speech by Jagdeep
Singh Malhi,a final year I.T student on behalf of all the organisers
and students addressing the Chief Guests by coming there for the camp
and spending their valuable time with the students. And finally he
also discussed with the students about the various upcoming events to
be organised by LUG in the college.