Manage drupal 8 configurations in version control

This was seems to be nightmare for us when multiple persons working on a single website not locally but on hosting server.

One night, i was going through drush commands, in the end i found some beautiful drush commands:

Those were :

drush cim

druhs cex

Which mean drush configuration import and drush configuration export.

What i did for for making configuration in git:

1. Created a drupal website on my local and add it to the git.

2. Other people have taken the git pull and manually imported the same database in mysql server.

3. Now i have created a folder named as custom-sync in /sites/default/

4. Change the path also here in your settings.php :

$config_directories['sync'] = 'sites/default/custom-sync';

5. now in drupal root run :


drush cex

(it will export all your configuration to custom-sync folder)


6. git add, commit and push custom-sync folder

7. Now other will take git pull and run :


drush cim

(it will import all configuration from custom-sync to your database)



Give it a try and let me know if you faced any error.