Journey up-to Srijan Technology

In this blog i am sharing some of my past experience of life, in which i have faced many problems.
When i have joined GNDEC, Ludhiana. I was having no knowledge of computer. My first email id was made by my senior in second semester. The main thing is that most of my classmates know about C++, html, hardware systems and many more things of computer world. Whenever teacher ask anything about computer, i always speak like this no i don't know, but all other classmates were saying that sir may i. At that time i meet some of my seniors of 4th year, they told me to learn about Ubuntu. After two months i have started working on Linux OS. Frankly speaking till now i don't know much about windows. Then i started learning drupal which is a cms. I have created many dummy websites. When the teachers of College came to know that i am doing something, they started helping me. I have done two project of php under the guidance of Dr.H.S.Rai. Then i start coordinating the LINUX User Group. Done many event like workshop on drupal, oss, html, php and web designing. Then after that i have done more than 8 E-commerce website projects of England, Netherlands, USA in drupal as a freelancer. But i was missing some software development environment around me. Then i applied for training for last semester of my Suddenly the H.R. of Srijan Technology called me and ask me to join as trainee in this company, then i said lets see. After 6 days i have decided that i will go there because it was near to my hometown and second one was beautiful mountains and last one was good stipend value. So finally i have joined this company and there i am working on some of opensource technologies plus drupal.
Sorry to say i am not good in English. There can be lots of mistakes in it. But i was unable to stop myself for writing this blog.