Install Drupal Commerce on Drupal 8

I am just done with Drupal Commerce Installation on drupal 8.
I followed these steps:
1.Point to Drupal 8 root folder

cd /var/www/html/D8

2.Install commerce module

drush dl commerce

It has following dependencies:

drush dl entity
drush dl inline_entity_form
drush dl profile
drush dl address
drush dl state_machine
cd modules/commerce

9. Now install dependencies with composer install.

composer install
cd ../..

10.Install composer manager

drush dl composer_manager

11.Initialise composer script

php modules/composer_manager/scripts/init.php
composer drupal-update

12. If you are facing any error like

[RuntimeException] The .git directory is missing from 

then delete that subfolder in vendor folder like in my case:

rm -rf  vendor/jcalderonzumba/gastonjs

then again repeat the step that is:

composer drupal-update

13. Now install commerce module and all sub modules of commerce.

Hope it will helps :)