How to Create Clickable(linked) index in openoffice

Do not:- 1. Make headings manually by bolding and increasing its size.
2. Don't use enter button again and again to go to next page.
1. For making headings write the text and then select that text, press f11 Select whatever heading you want to make heading1, heading2 etc.
2. For going to next page press ctl+Enter.
Making Documents in Openoffice:-
1. Enter Text whatever you want to write.
2. Make proper headings, title and subtitle etc.
3. Click anywhere where you want to add index of the document.
4. From the insert tool, select index and tables, and then click on insert index option.
5. Now continuing with text editing in the document at last right click on the index and choose update option, it will update index of that document.
6. Now right click on index choose edit option.
7. In the enties tab click on left of E#, then on click on hyperlink.
8. Now click on the left of # and the click on hyperlink.
Now you have clickable Index of the document.