Being a Drupal 8 Acquia certified developer

Finally i got the time to write about my recent certification on drupal 8.

I have been working on drupal 8 from last past year and half. I just got 83 % in this exam.

 I treated this as a proper exam just like a college exam.

You can never clear if you haven't ever worked on drupal

Study material for drupal 8 exam:

  • Here is the weightage of exam.


Chapter Percentage
1. Site Building 30 %

2. Basic Web development concepts

(basic GIT, basic HTML, basic CSS

10 %
3. Theming (creating custom themes and sub themes) 25 %
4. Custom Module Development 35 %
Total 100 %


  • Site building contains:


  1.  Views (you should know the exact meaning of views and how to use and when)
  2. Blocks (custom blocks) with multilingual features and custom block library.
  3. Creating menus in Drupal 8 (complete knowledge of creating views and linking them on pages)
  4. Display modes in Drupal 8 (work on various display modes and what is the benefit of using display modes)
  5. Creating Pages and Articles using special fields like Telephone, reference fields etc specially those are new in drupal 8.
  6. You have to traverse the whole drupal 8 site each and every link.
  7.  Configuration management system what are configurations how can you import and export them. If you are worked on drupal 8 then you don't need to go through this.


  • Basic web development concepts:


  1. Basic HTML
  2. Basic CSS
  3. Using GIT 


  • Theming:


  1. Creating custom theme with libraries.yml, creating info.yml and using basic theme.
  2. Creating custom templated for different pages, different blocks, different view and different fields etc.
  3. Basic twig syntax and filters used in twigs. Using basic operations like for loop, while loop, if else and many more conditions. (prepeare it well)
  4. Read all the basic theme preprocess example hook_theme, hook_node etc.


  • Custom module development(major part of this exam)


  1. Basic requirement for creating a custom module.
  2. Basic OOPs concepts just you have done in college days like encapsulation, polymorphism, data abstraction etc.
  3. Using custom hooks or we called it drupal API. Prepare all hooks which are new introduced in drupal 8.
  4. Well prepared on form, user and most used api in drupal.
  5. Working with database queries in Drupal without breaking security violations.
  6. Basic drupal coding standards (don't waste too much time on this)
  7. Caching mechanisms for all user roles.
  8. Basic knowledge of how to contributes a module to


Some points to be note:


1. Language of exam seems to be a proper indian english. Please read each and every question carefully.

2. In exam if you are not fully sure about the answer, mark that answer for review and move forward and in the end you can review all those questions which were marked for review.

3. Take long breath before giving the exam. ( LOLWA)

4. There are two ways to give the exam one is onsite and another is online. Onsite means you are going to some center for this exam and online mean you can give exam at home or office.

5. For exam you have to submit biometrics one hour before the exam. This will include the photo by webcam and finger impression during typing your name into a text box. Try to make same lights, background and pose during biometrics and exam.


All the very best. 

If you worked on a drupal 8 project then this exam will be very easy for you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!