Install drupal with DRUSH(Drupal Shell)

This tutorial is tested on ubuntu(Linux) for installing drupal with drush.
2. DRUSH(sudo apt-get install drush)
3. Write access to www folder
4. Mysql username, password, database name.

 drush dl drupal-7.xx

I used drupal-7.22

drush site-install standard --account-name=admin --account-pass=admin --db-url=mysql://YourMySQLUser:RandomPassword@localhost/YourMySQLDatabase

Enjoy Drupal Development.

Training @Tata Consultancy Services[ILP]

ILP(Initial Learning Program) Experience

This was the first time when i was called for training in one of the largest IT company of India TCS, in beautiful city named as Ahmedabad.
We were tagged with a stream named as BIPM(Business Intelligence & Performance Management).
We were groomed in two different ways, one was technically and other was personally.

Vi Magics

I was working with coder of drupal from past 3 days and had removed 7000 errors from a particular module. But i have done it with VI-Editor by following Commands.

1.For Removing all leading spaces


I have used gc so that it will confirm for every instance on every line.
2. Make an indentation of 2 spaces for every line starting.

:%s!^!  !

3. Replacing



 :%s/,/, /gc

4. For deleting all trialing spaces at the end of line

:%s/ \+$//c

Wrong permissions on configuration file, should not be world writable!

If you install phpMyAdmin on your web host and all you see when you access (or whatever) is “Wrong permissions on configuration file, should not be world writable!” you are supposed to just change the permissions of /phpmyadmin/ to not be world writable (i.e. chmod 755, or by using your FTP client).


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