Generate dummy content in drupal via drush

Prerequisite :

1. Installed drupal.
2. Installed drush.
3. Having internet connectivity

How to generate content:
Go to drupal root folder

 cd /var/www/drupal7 

Download devel module

 drush dl devel -y 

Enable devel module

 drush en devel -y

Enable devel generate module

 drush en devel_generate -y

Create 20 dummy nodes

drush genc 20 

Create 10 nodes and 20 comments

 drush genc 10 20

Create 30 new nodes and deleting old ones

Install drush on shared hosting

How to install drush on shared hosting :

1. Go to your server like


2. Go to your home folder by typing

 cd ~ 

3. Type this


(I have not used drush 7 because it needs composer, so i was unable to install composer on shared hosting, if you help me in that i can buy a coffee for you)
4. Edit .bashrc file in your favorite editor may be nano, vi or vim.
5. Look for


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