How to create patch in Drupal through Git

From last 2 months, i am solving issues on D.O( Some of them were just documentation work with screenshots.
Finally i got an issue of patching, then i came to learnt about patching in drupal.
Let us discuss how patching done in drupal module:
1. Go to site/all/modules directory if you are patching a module.
2. Download the specific version of module or we can say that branch of module(i.e. 7.x-3.11 or may be 7.x-3.x).

Upgrade drupal 6 to drupal 7 with drush

Please note if you are upgrading minor version of drupal-7.21 to drupal-7.22. Then please use

drush pm-update


1. If you are upgrading from drupal 6 to drupal 7, you must be on the latest version of drupal 6 release. 2. There is a difference between update and upgrade. 3. You should have a separate directory(target) which will be the act as active drupal root directory.

Main work starts here

Site-upgrade always upgrades from the current Drupal site to an empty Drupal site. You need a site alias to show the target website.


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