Low space in boot ubntu

Every time Ubuntu installs a new Linux kernel, the old one is left behind. This means that if you are regularly updating an Ubuntu system the Grub boot menu becomes longer and longer with kernels you don’t need anymore.

The old kernels are deliberately left installed and on the menu so you can boot a previous kernel if you have trouble with a new one.
1.Open the terminal and type there

uname -r

It will print the version of the Linux kernel you are running, this is the one you want to keep. It should look something like this:


Mapping Parties

Here is our news regarding openstreetmap.
These are the free editable maps means everyone can edit it, modify it and can upload it on internet. Moreover if you want to use it as commercial usage or some business it requires no charges due to its GPL licensing. But in case of other maps you have to pay for commercial or business usage.
Here is our photo in TIMES OF INDIA.

Install Myreview on Ubuntu

Apply following command in terminal

 sudo -s
 cd /var/www
 tar zxf myreview-1.9.9.tgz 
 mv myreview lqq
 chown -R www-data:www-data lqq
 cd lqq
 cp  DBInfo.php.sample DBInfo.php
 vim CreateDB.sql

Add following lines to it

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON lvqq.* TO lvqqAdmin@localhost
IDENTIFIED BY 'lvqqadmin';
GRANT select ON lvqq.* TO SQLUser@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'pwdSQL';
//lvqqAdmin is the database user,lvqqadmin is the password.
vim DBInfo.php


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